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  • 07/04/2024 - I finally added a guestbook replacement phew. Sorry I've been kinda burnt out with this website a bit.
  • 05/04/2024 - I always gloss over the big, wordy intro section, so I replaced it with a big banner telling people to check out my store lol.
  • 04/02/2024 - New censorship panda. I think this website counts as PG? There's mention of some rated M games and I have a feeling like uptight parents might not like some of the songs in my playlists but that's really it. Also new Unportfolio entries were added: Weekly Genshin Sketches, @jungle_hiding, Everyone is Zato, and I Wrote This Book So I Can Get 50% Off Scrivener.
  • 03/12/2024 - New works added to Unportfolio: "A Rich Guy and the Black Tie" (2018), "Breather" (2024), and "Been pretty low on spoons" (2024)
  • 03/02/2024 - New favicon! The old version of this website used to have a different one but it got removed in the redesign. But I like favicons so here we go!
  • 02/27/2024 - The sidebar now moves to the bottom on smaller screens. Hope that helps make this site more mobile friendly.
  • 02/23/2024 - A little update to how links are organized. I'm thinking of just removing that top nav bar completely and only using the sitemap on the side from now on.
  • 02/18/2024 - New page added for my Spotify playlists
  • 02/14/2024 - G.R.E.G.G is now hosted on Unportfolio!
  • 02/12/2024 - Unportfolio has been updated to include Scratch projects and old YouTube videos.
  • 02/04/2024 - New sidebar added to the home page. Also my Unportfolio is now hosted here! Hope you enjoy.
  • 01/26/2024 - Up to date ita bag images are now here! You might need to refresh or wait a bit for the cache to reload. Also I now have a last.fm widget to show what I'm listening to. I really hope this doesn't embarrass me later.
  • 01/18/2024 - Kinda outside of this site but I enabled tipping on my Neocities profile. I hope I wrote my email right.
  • 01/14/2024 - BRAND NEW LAYOUT! Sorry if you liked the old blog feature tho :(

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Everything here is official Kirby media except for the photos in my ita bag section and my illustration on my art page. And of course buttons belong to their respective owners (if not linked then either the person does not mind credit or I've seen it on multiple sites and thus don't know the original source).

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Marlene is a strange human being who also just happens to exist. She likes starting new projects and usually gets around to finishing them, probably.

Talk with her today and you'll probably pique her interested about things relating to BRADIO, Bug Fables, electrical cables, Guilty Gear, the Imperials, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Katamari, Kirby, PaRappa the Rapper, Sonic the Hedgehog, Spy × Family, Sweet Comfort Band, Wandersong, Yakuza -- actually maybe she just likes everything.

The discussions on the current state of webcomics and the Jesus movement would also be great.

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